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The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate engineering phenomena continues to grow throughout many engineering disciplines. The results of CFD analyses are relevant in: conceptual studies of new designs, detailed product development, troubleshooting, and redesign. The added insight and understanding gained from engineering design modelling gives us confidence in our design proposals, avoiding the added costs of over-sizing and over-specification, while reducing risk. This allows us to investigate more design options and "what if" scenarios than ever before.
CFD centerís engineering services are designed to provide high-quality solutions, targeted to your specific projects and needs. Our team offers high-level expertise for fluid flow analysis, design and optimization, as well as dedicated solutions for fluid/solid multiphysics. By choosing us as a consultant for your projects, you will benefit from our highly-qualified human resources, as well as additional computational resources. The support of our consulting team will help you carry out your projects efficiently, reducing your working time and ensuring the most high-quality outcome.



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